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I am still in awe with the beauty and thepreciseness of the movements of the lady master
"I am still in awe with the beauty and thepreciseness of the movements of the lady master"
I just wanted to thank you for the experience of SADO that I had through your organization.
I am still so impressed by the choreography and dramaturgy of allthe ingredients that formed the experience, from the arrangement of the flowers,the position of the pot, the colours of the sweets to the succession of all thesteps of the ceremony.
But mostly I am still in awe with the beauty and thepreciseness of the movements of the lady master of ceremony and her kindness and willingness to share the moment with a foreigner like me.Watching her I could really feel the moment as tangible as the sweet I ate.
An absolute rareexperience in these busy days.
Thank you for setting up such an organization that makes this possible.Still stunned, greeting heartily,

- Frieda Schneider
from Germany

Tea Ceremony ( Sado )

This lesson was insightful and invaluable
"This lesson was insightful and invaluable"
I would just like to thank you again for the wonderful experience. As a writer and visual artist who has a particular interest in exporting a variety of media and genre as well as cross-disciplinary forms, this lesson was insightful and invaluable. And I assure you that the knowledge I have learned will find its way Into my own practice, whether directly or as a subtle influence.
Please extend my gratitude to my instructors and helpers. Everyone was absolutely amazing.

- Victor,
from Canada.

Flower Arrangement (Ikebana)

The pottery master was very good and extremely helpful
"The pottery master was very good and extremely helpful"
This experience was certainly fun. The center even provided a translator. The pottery master was very good and extremely helpful. The time flew by as he is also quite chatty. I didn't think that anything I created would turn out, but I was surprised at how good it looked.

- Blabbot
from USA

Pottery ( Tougei )

The course was very reasonable
"The course was very reasonable"
I thought the courses were very reasonably priced, and was happy that I was able to book even though I was just one person. Also appreciated the flexibility in timing and dates. For me, these are both selling points of the classes, very useful for visitors that may not have that much leeway in their dates/timings when in Tokyo and are not travelling with a big group.
All the teachers were really lovely!

from U.K.


Taught a lot about Background history and development of calligraphy.
"Taught a lot about Background history and development of calligraphy."
It was a great session with a professional teacher who not only taught us the basics of Japanese calligraphy, but also the background history and development of calligraphy to its current form.
This is a must-do activity for any foreigner visiting or living in Tokyo.
I will definitely take more lessons when I visit again!

from UK

Calligraphy (Shodo)

The experience was really super!
"The experience was really super!"
We definitely enjoyed ourselves during the kimono-wearing and sado sessions.
The experience gave us a glimpse into the old world of Japan and made us yearn to know more.
We believe that Yanesen was definitely one of the highlights of our whole trip.
The sensei’s were so kind and lovely as they went out of their ways and took the time to explain everything to us.
We had an incredible time and we hope to come back soon!!’’

-Mabel, Justine, Michelle
from Brunei

Tea Ceremony ( Sado )

Best experience in Japan
"Best experience in Japan"
I participated in this with my partner (who is not Japanese). It was a course full of Japanese cultural experiences that visitors like, and he and I were very satisfied with it.
The mood was awesome. It was very impressive to see how a tea ceremony is run by someone really knowledgeable. The tea master explained very well about the tea ceremony rituals, and she's also friendly. We loved that we only had to focus on the beauty of such a ceremony, from the sounds to the movements.

from Australia

Tea Ceremony ( Sado )

The experience was really enjoyable!
"The experience was really enjoyable!"
The experience was really enjoyable!!
The calligraphers were very nice and very helpful, they explained us the process and each move slowly, and sometimes multiple times so that I could fully comprehend it. If I still struggled, the instructor would take my hand and guide me.
thanks for polite and wonderful time!

- Emma,
from France

Calligraphy (Shodo)