Yanesen Tourist Information &Culture Centre.


  • Are experiences private?

    Most experiences are private lesson. But some are group one. Please Check experience pages.

  • Where is the ecperience venue?

    It depende on experiences. We will tell you the meeting place after reservation. Almost all of the experiences venue are Yanaka area.

  • How many participants do you accept?

    But it depends on experience. If you book for more than 10, Please contact us.

  • Do you have any English speaking staff?

    Yes we have. All experiences are English friendly.

  • Can we book 2 or more experiences in 1 day?

    Yes you can. Please book

  • Can our children particitpate in experiences?

    Experiences are for the whole family.

  • Do you have any discount?

    If you book for more than 10 people, we will give you discount. For more information, please contact us.