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One of our best experiences on our holiday in Japan.
"One of our best experiences on our holiday in Japan."
Pottery Class
This was one of our best experiences on our holiday in Japan. Everything was extremely well organised, and it felt like a very authentic insight into a traditional artisan’s work. Our teacher spoke very little English, (and we spoke no Japanese!) and that was in fact wonderful, it’s amazing how much you can communicate when you are making something without words. We managed to make four small items each, which we’re really looking forward to seeing when they arrive. I can thoroughly recommend Yanesen who organised the experience.

The course was very reasonable
"The course was very reasonable"
I thought the courses were very reasonably priced, and was happy that I was able to book even though I was just one person. Also appreciated the flexibility in timing and dates. For me, these are both selling points of the classes, very useful for visitors that may not have that much leeway in their dates/timings when in Tokyo and are not travelling with a big group.
All the teachers were really lovely!

from U.K.

The course was very reasonable