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About Yanesen Area

2019年3月18日 Category: news
We are located in an old part of Tokyo called Yanesen (named after the three neighboring districts of Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi.) Yanaka’s 70-plus temples have earned it the name Teramachi, or ‘Temple Town’. Nezu is also called Shokunin no Machi, or ‘Artisan Town’. A number of modern artisans live here, where they carry on the traditional skills of their forebears. Sendagi, known as ‘Bungou no Machi’, is well known for it’s literary greats such as Souseki Natsume and Ogai Mori who once lived here. Besides places of cultural and historical interest, a short walk from either Nippori Station or Sendagi Station will take you to a bustling shopping area called Yanaka Ginza where there are a myriad of shops and eateries. Akihabara (Electric Town) and Ueno with it’s numerous museums, parks, shops and markets are also nearby. There are many other unique places to visit, and we encourage everyone to explore and discover this relatively unspoilt part of Edo.