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“YANAKA home cooking workshop", homely and local style.

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-We will send you a SQUARE invoice mail for payment as soon as your preferred experience program and date and time are confirmed. Please pay for the payment.


-It is possible to pay according to the payment method of SQUARE payment mail such as credit card, or debit card. We do not accept cash payments, same-day payments, or postpaid.


-Payment must be completed by 17:00 Tokyo local time on the day 2 days prior to your reserved date and time.


-The reservation will be completed if we can confirm the payment of the fee.-If cancelled after 17:00 Tokyo local time, 2 days before your reserved date and time, 100% of the total price (tax included) will be charged.


-The reservation will be confirmed after payment is completed.

Thank you for request, we will reply you shortly.

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