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“Shodo” Calligraphy workshop in YANAKA

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-We will send you a SQUARE invoice mail for payment as soon as your preferred experience program and date and time are confirmed. Please pay for the payment.


-It is possible to pay according to the payment method of SQUARE payment mail such as credit card, or debit card. We do not accept cash payment, same-day payment, or postpaid.


-Payment must be completed by 17:00 Tokyo local time on the day 2 days prior to your reserved date and time.


-The reservation will be completed if we can confirm the payment of the fee.-If cancelled after 17:00 Tokyo local time, 2 days before your reserved date and time, 100% of the total price (tax included) will be charged.


-The reservation will be confirmed after payment is completed.

Thank you for your reservation. We will confirm your reservation after payment of the fee. Please check the following for payment methods.&nbsp;"YANESEN Tourist Information & Culture Center. / TATAMI Cafe. <>"Please pay according to the instructions in this email.​​※Cash payment, payment on the day, deferred payment is not accepted.&nbsp;&middot; Cancellation policy: If you cancel after 17:00 local time in Tokyo, two days before the desired date and time of the program, you will be charged the full amount (tax included). Confirm your booking after payment is complete. Please pay by the payment deadline (Japan time) stated on the square invoice. Please make sure that the contents are correct and pay within the payment deadline. If payment is not confirmed by the payment deadline, the reservation will be cancelled. Please be careful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. I'm looking forward to seeing you.

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