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Tea Ceremony ( Sado )

Tea Ceremony ( Sado )                                                                                              *60 min.          1 person : 5,800 yen         2+persons : 4,850 yen/person

sadouTea Ceremony represents the true essence of Japanese hospitality. By observing certain rules and aesthetic values, you will see how true tea ceremony is performed, and how great-tasting green tea is made.            


Entrance “Nijiri-guchi”The reason for the small entrance is to make all guests seem equal in status, thus creating a self-awareness of one’s own humility.          
Sado incorporates many aspects of Japanese art and culture; pottery, zen, calligraphy, flower arrangement, architecture, craftwork, etc.   The tea ceremony host coordinates the flowers, hanging scroll, tea equipment, etc in order to choose a theme. These preparations are carefully made so that the guest can be completely immersed in a total experience.  
With the help of our volunteer interpreters, foreign guests will be able to understand what Japanese people regard as beautiful and important in everyday life as well certain aesthetic values through the wonderful world of tea ceremony.                   za%e8%8c%b6%e9%81%93%e7%82%b9%e5%89%8d    
With us, you can experience both sides, as guest and host.            
SADO PROGRAM CONTENTS / 60 min. 10:00~21:00 Etiquette, tea making, Guests can experience both drinking and making tea. Price (Private) 60min  1 person  ¥ 5,800      
2+persons  ¥ 4,850 / person Incl.sweets, tax.  

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