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Kimono, Yukata Wearing

Kimono, Yukata Wearing

kimono01Both Kimono and Yukata are beautiful, traditional Japanese garments, with the Yukata worn especially in summer.

After fitting, if you like, you can stroll around the streets of old Tokyo.

Includes accessories;Sandals,Aroma pouch,Socks and Folding fan.

Yukata is a summer kimono which is only available between July and October.

Kimono/Yukata Wearing   4,950 Yen/person 90min (incl:short walkabout)

Kimono/Yukata Rental   4,950 Yen/person 11:00 to 18:00 (Same-day Return)

Kimono/Yukata Rental & Tea Ceremony   9,800 Yen/person 90min


Hair Setting 2,000 Yen/person 30min

Rental 2,500 Yen Next day Return

Photo 3,900 Yen 30min (incl. 2 studio style photos in an album and snaps)


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