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Facility Overview

Yanesen is an international exchange facility with the purpose of providing information on sightseeing and Japanese culture.

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Yanesen's Concept

Our Concept: Ichi-go ichi-e
To the traveler, time spent on a trip is "time that will never come again." You cannot place a monetary value on it. The Japanese expression "ichi-go ichi-e" is one that originates in the tea ceremony and means "a once-in-a-lifetime encounter." We have adopted "ichi-go ichi-e" as the Yanesen concept behind international travelers' encounters with Japanese culture.

Yanesen's Services

1. Nationwide Volunteer Tour Guide Referrals
We introduce you to volunteer guides who, either free of charge or for a low rate, will tell tourists such as yourself about the local area's nature, history, culture and more in English.
2. Hands-On Traditional Cultural Activity Assistance
We provide assistance for hands-on cultural activities in which you can experience traditional Japanese culture by joining local culture classes and interacting with the locals.
3. Guided Tours
We conduct tours to shops and sightseeing spots in Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi.

Yanesen Facility Overview

1st Floor: Tourist Info, Cultural Activity Info

Reservation, General Information
Info on shops & cultural classrooms of nearby areas, nationwide volunteer tour guides referrals

Photo: 1st Floor: Tourist Info, Cultural Activity Info

2nd Floor: Japanese Language Classroom

Japanese Language Classroom for foreign residents and long-stay travelers
Characteristics: Community specific curriculum. In addition to ordinary lessons, the curriculum enables you to learn practical Japanese enjoyably through contact with the community people by participating in the cultural classrooms of the community and having extra lessons to experience their lifestyle. The curriculum also provides you an opportunity to learn feelings and concepts peculiar to Japanese people, such as wabi (subtle taste), sabi (elegant simplicity), chugi (royalty), ninjo (human feelings), and iki (sophisticated manner) through the experiences of traditional cultures and entertainment, such as sado (tea ceremony), Kabuki and Rakugo to more deeply understand Japanese culture.

Photo: 2nd Floor: Japanese Language Classroom

2nd Floor: Culture Classroom

Calligraphic and Suibokuga or ink-painting lessons for international tourists and foreign residents
Instructors from the community will teach you them as introductory experience. The outputs of participants are prepared into Japanese style illumination lamps.

Photo: 2nd Floor: Culture Classroom

3rd Floor: Kabuki Experience Studio

Culture experience space for international tourists
You can learn about Kabuki's history, how to enjoy watching it and questions such as why Kabuki has been supported by people for as long as 400 years, why it has been played only by men, etc. Through experiencing a Kabuki performer by donning an authentic costume actually being used, putting on special Kabuki makeup and getting a lesson of Kabuki gestures, you will feel the aestheticism of the Japanese people and appeal of Kabuki. After taking commemorative photos at the studio, you will join cultural exchange with volunteer interpreter students on charm of Japan seen from different cultures, and tradition and modern age.

Photo: 3rd Floor: Kabuki Experience Studio

Address 3-16-6 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to

Access Map

Business Hours 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
TEL 03-3828-7878 (Inquiries in English OK)
FAX 03-3828-7877
Floors 3
Floor Facilities
1st Floor
International Exchange Village Reception, Tourist Info & Accommodations, Cultural Facility Info, Bicycle Rental Reception
2nd & 3rd Floors
Cultural Activity Classroom

Facility Information

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