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Culture Programs

1. Japanese Cooking Class   (Lunch included)  *120 min.   *4,580 yen/person


 Unique opportunity to experience Japanese style living while shopping for ingredients at local shops, and cooking in a real home kitchen.

Learn certain table greetings which have their roots in Buddhism e.g. ‘Itadakimasu’, or ‘Gochisousama’. Also, get a feel for both Japanese aesthetic values, and what people consider to be important in normal everyday life.


2. Tea Ceremony ( Sado )             *90 min.    *4,350 yen/person

sadouTea Ceremony represents the true essence of Japanese hospitality.

By observing certain rules and aesthetic values, you will see how true tea ceremony is performed, and how great-tasting green tea is made.



3. India Ink Painting (Suiboku-ga)    *60 min.    *3,450 yen/person

suibokuga01Capture the soul of your subject with subtle nuances expressed through variations in brush techniques.

Your own designs can be used for lampshades, fans, and T-shirts (option).




4. Calligraphy (Shodo)                   *60 min.    *3,450 yen/person


In Shodo, ‘’the way of writing’’, you will learn the art of writing beautiful Kanji characters.

As an option, we can make you your very own Kanji T-shirt.




5. Flower Arrangement (Ikebana)        *120 min.    *4,900 yen/person


Literally, Ikebana means ‘flowers kept alive’.

Learn from qualified teachers how to make beautiful arrangements for every season.




 6. Koudo  Japanese Incense Ceremony  *90 min.   *22,000 yen/5persons


Koudo which remains little known in the West, is the Japanese art of appreciating incense.

It is said to have ten physical and psychological/spiritual benefits or virtues.

Fragrances are divided into 5 types; sweet, bitter, spicy hot, sour, and salty.


7. Tougei Pottery                               *120 min.    *3,800 yen/person

tougeiLearn how to make traditional Japanese pottery.

Choice of making 2 ceramics; tea bowl, tea cup, vase, ornament, etc.

Both handbuilding (sculpture) and potters wheel available depending on experience.



 8. Kabuki                                               *120 min.    *14,800 yen/person


Kabuki is a traditional form of theatre, dating back 400 years. Enjoy wearing authentic traditional Kabuki costume and make-up.

Choose from one of 4 popular Kabuki theatre characters.

Photo included.



9. Wadaiko Taiko Drumming       *60 min.    *4,900 yen/person

wadaikoTry your hand at this dynamic form of Japanese drumming.

Learn the typical ‘jo-ha-kyu’ structure which is designed so that the performance culminates in a powerful and speedy grand finale.




10. Iai do  Japanese Swordsmanship         *60 min. *9,800 yen/person


Japanese Swordsmanship I = Being, Ai = Encounter, Do = Way.
Iaido’s emphasis is on precise, controlled, fluid motion, and is sometimes referred to as ‘moving Zen’.The more expensive of the two classes available goes further by allowing the student to practise actual cutting techniques on certain objects like bamboo or straw shaped human forms. This part of the training is called Shizan. Both classes use real Iaido swords for practise.


11. Rakugo                 *60 min.  *8,000 yen/person   5,250 yen/2persons or more

rakugoRakugo is a traditional form of ‘sit-down’ comedy depicting the angry, sorrowful, and pleasurable emotions of common peoples lives.

Learn this unique form of comic storytelling.

Some Japanese language ability required.



12. Haiku Poetry                                *90 min.    *2,900 yen/person

haiku01Dating back to the 8th century, Haiku is rooted in nature and the world of our senses through pinpoint observation of moments and movements.

Make your own traditional haiku consisting of 17 ‘on’ in three phrases of 5,7, and 5.



13. Zazen                                               *60 min.    *1,200 yen/person

zazenZazen, meaning ‘seated meditation’ is a meditative discipline traditionally practiced by monks.

You too can learn how to calm the body and mind. Morning lessons at a temple in Yanaka by resident monk.



14. Shiatsu Massage                        *30 min.~    *3,450 yen/30 min./person


Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage therapy which heals the body by applying gentle pressure to ‘Tsubo’ (pressure points).

Fully experienced and licensed practitioners.




15. Soba-uchi   Soba Noodle Making       *90 min.  *4,900 yen/person

Soba-uchiSoba and Udon are the most traditional types of Japanese noodle.

Soba, made from buckwheat flour, is eaten casually or on special occasions.

Learn how to make Soba noodles at a nearby restaurant.



16. Kimono, Yukata Wearing  *60 min.  *Ladies 4,990 yen/Men 3,990 yen

kimono01Both Kimono and Yukata are beautiful, traditional Japanese garments, with the Yukata worn especially in summer.

After fitting, if you like, you can stroll around the streets of old Tokyo.

Photo is optional.(1,580yen)







Enjoy traditional Japanese music at the teacher’s home. Unique opportunity to experience live music in a relaxed homely setting!

17. Shamisen Instrument             *60 min. *3,900 yen/person

Shamisen InstrumentShamisen is a three-stringed instrument played solo or in ensemble, with singing such as Nagauta, drama accompaniment i.e. Kabuki and Bunraku.





18. Koto Instrument                        *60 min. *4,900 yen/person

kotoThe 13-stringed Koto expresses the subtleties of   Japanese nature and mind with beautifully rich resonated tones.





 19. Biwa Instrument                 *60 min. *3,900 yen/person

Biwa InstrumentBiwa is a 7th century old Japanese short-necked lute often used to accompany narrative storytelling.

The most characteristic effect of the biwa is its unique distortion sound.




20. Shakuhachi Instrument         *60 min. *3,900 yen/person

Shakuhachi InstrumentThis richly-toned versatile instrument made of bamboo is used by monks of Zen Buddhism in the practice of ‘suizen’(blowing meditation) and in various other forms of music.