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Inquiry and reservation for cultural experience

Our goal is to be a tourist information center providing the information that people visiting Japan and with an interest in the country's culture truly need.

Therefore, we accept requests so that we can prepare in advance to give you the information you want to know when you visit us.

Please ask us if you want to know about traditional or modern Japanese culture.

In addition, the 47 prefectures of Japan have plenty of unique local culture that even most Japanese people don't know about.

We also offer this information through a private-sector network to assist you during your travels in Japan.

Additionally, there are many tea houses and workshops for you to experience Japanese culture here in the Yanaka area where we are located, allowing you to join with the local people to interact with them and experience real Japanese culture.

We also take reservations for these activities.

Please send inquiries to Yanesen and reservation of cultural experience with the form below. During the business hours of Yanesen, you can contact us by telephone.

* We ask that you please fill in all the required fields (marked with an asterisk).

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